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    Socialization, Culture and Life Chances

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    How would the influence of culture, ethnicity and socioeconomic status play on childhood development and what role does acculturation play in this process?

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    Development and Socialization

    To understand human development, one has to delve into the notion of socialization. A key view in the social sciences, socialization proposes that human beings develop through time and how they 'become', how they are shaped in terms of identities, behavior, attitudes, world-views, key skills - this is all informed by their environment and social experiences. A host of factors come into play in the development of man; it begins in childhood. While we are born with our own innate/genetic capacities, we learn language, we learn how to behave in society, we learn the specific cultural and social practices from our parents, from our schools, from the community, from what we observe. Socialization is the process of coming to know, understand, store and put into practices specific cultural and social skills that allow for children to communicate with their parents, to learn about their world and to come to understand the social and ...

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    The solution provides information, assistance and advise to tackle the question of the role of culture, ethnicity and socioeconomic status on childhood development. Acculturation as a mechanism is also discussed. To do this, the solution explores the topics of socialization and life chances as it relates to childhood development. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.