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Blended Families

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In the modern world, few Americans grow up in the traditional nuclear family. The high divorce rate has lead to an increase of blended families in which one or both partners have children from previous relationships that will need to blend into the new family setting. Describe how the change in family structure has altered the culture and values in the United States. Include an explanation of how the change in family structure is evidenced in the socialization process.

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To begin discussing this, we must first look at what traditional family values were considered to be in the United States. These values include marriage between a man and a woman; supporting feminism; opposing pre-marital sex, adultery polygamy, and incest; opposing same-sex marriage or same-sex unions of any kind; supporting traditional educational opportunities; and supporting policies to keep children safe from harm. Most family values stem from Christian beliefs and are believed to be essential values for society to live by. Until about the 1960's, most Americans shared a common set of beliefs about family life; a family should consist of a husband and a wife living together with their children. The father ...

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This solution discusses the sociological aspect of blended families.

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