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    Effect of the Environment on Families

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    What is currently happening in communities and environments? What is the belief regarding environments and community effects on families? I am doing a debate and I am on the CON side of the Effect of the Environment on Families and have to answer these questions with the view.

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    By the nature of the post, I get the idea that you are arguing that the environment is having little effect on families. In support of this concept, we can look at history and evolution. While some might want to argue that pollution, over development of the land and related issues are affecting families, one must be reminded that all species adapt. Where children are born, the environment they see is all they know and just as there is quite a range of species and wildlife in urban towns, people survive and adapt just fine. There have surely been changes in the urban environments over the ...

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    This solution provides an analysis of the different arguments for a debate regarding the effects of the environment on families.