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    Child Care Equity

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    write an argumentative essay about should both parents assume equal responsibility in raising a child? Argue for or against. Be sure to cite your points in each body paragraph.

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    Although the obvious approach to this essay to to agree with the statement that both parents should take equal responsibility, that is a position hard to argue well, as so many people are likely to agree with it and the arguments are so self-evident that the result might be cliched or boring. Instead, you might want to make the argument that since every family is different, the level of participation in child care of each parent should depend upon the specific situation of the parents. You might organize your essay as follows:

    1. Introduction: Discuss how each family is different and there is no one approach to childcare that will work well for all possible types of families. Next you should mention that your essay will first talk about various different types of families and cultures and then give examples of various different ...

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    This discusses how different families need to have different types of child care responsibility allocations rather than everyone following the same model.