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    Childhood behavior and childcare.

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    How can a child's negative or problem behavior affect the parent's ability to acquire adequate child care for the child? Why could it be difficult for parents of children with special needs or children with disabilities to find child care that meets the necessary requirements to care for their child, and what types of problems can they encounter when searching for child care?

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    When a child is in the child care setting, it may be difficult for the child care worker to understand the behavior of the child, and can act inappropriately or even become agitated themselves at the behavior. There may be times when the parent is called to make other arrangements for the child due to the behavior issue, or they are forced to leave work and get the child from child care or school because the workers do not know how to handle the behavior, or they chose to not want to handle the child's behavior. This can make it difficult for the parent to maintain a career or sustain adequate attendance to keep a job (1).

    There may be many reasons for a child to have behavioral problems such as Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Defiant Disorder, or poor self-control and temperament problems, which can be inherited from their parents. Children with these types of behavioral problems may be able to better manage their behavior problems in a home setting, or in smaller group settings. ...

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    The issue that will be addressed is what impact childhood behavior problems can have on the ability of parents to acquire adequate child care in order to work outside the home. These behavior problems can consist of defiant, aggressive conduct, and various other conditions that can display behavioral issues. Medical as well as psychological conditions can affect the behavior of a child in a negative manner. This solution has references.