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    Philosophy, Mission, and Vision

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    According to Gadikowski (2013), "The vision and mission statements of an early childhood program often reflect the organization's philosophy, that is, its beliefs about how children best learn and develop" (Section 1.4). Imagine you have just been hired as the director of a new child care center. Your first task is to develop the philosophy, vision, and mission for the new center. To assist you with this task, first evaluate the philosophy, vision, and mission statements of the following preschools:

    Queen Emma Preschool
    Using Table 1.1 "Philosophy, Vision, and Mission as Administrative Tools," and information from Chapter 1 of the textbook, evaluate the schools' philosophy, vision, and mission statements. Use the terms distinguished, proficient, or approaching to evaluate the statements, and explain why you chose those terms.

    Next, outline the philosophy, vision, and mission for your new childcare center. Be sure to include what you have learned from the text and from your evaluations to help shape your ideas. Your discussion post should be at least 200 words in length.

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    To establish a successful organizational change for the early childhood educational program, the visionary leader must possess a concise and descriptive mission statement that elucidates what will be required of employees while also eliciting their organizational commitment and support for the vision. Visionary leaders must be charismatic and possess the ability ...

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