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Envrionment & Development

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Explain and describe shared and non-shared environmental experiences and the role each plays in the development of a child. Just need a guideline to go by with examples. Thank you.

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In terms of development, this paper correlates the role of one's environment and behaviours.

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We can think about shared and non-shared environments in a variety of ways, but the thing that they're most useful for is determining the relative influence of genes and environment on development and behaviour. For example, if we have two identical twins, we know that they share all of their genetic material. If we see differences between them, we can conclude that those have arisen due to different experiences in the environment. In contrast, if we have a brother and sister (who are not twins), we are unable to conclude whether the differences between them are due to differences in environment or differences in genes, since they only share about 50% of ...

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