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Global Envrionment

What must financial managers consider when operating in the global environment? What types of regulatory compliance might they face? What can they do to mitigate financial risk? Should we have global accounting standards? Why or why not?

Examine at least four accounting regulatory bodies, and discuss how an organization complies with the standards of the regulatory bodies you selected. Be sure to cite at least two references.

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1. Financial managers must consider the risk of exchange rate fluctuation.
2. Financial mangers must consider the laws relating to repatriation of profits from foreign countries.
3. Financial mangers must consider the rules regarding foreign ownership of companies.
4. Financial mangers must consider the accounting rules, norms and methods being used in the countries with which it deals.
5. Financial mangers must consider the taxation rules of the countries it wants to do business with.
6. Financial mangers must consider the possibility of political changes that may change financial laws and taxation rates in foreign countries.
7. Financial mangers must consider the transactional exposure when dealing with global partners.
8. Financial mangers may face issues relating to investment, local participation of capital, the proportion of profits that need to be ploughed ...

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This solution talks about the different risks in the Global Envrionment.. It also explores the role of four accounting regulatory bodies.