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Strategic Management Planning

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The company is Winn-Dixie;

What we need is information on the following;

Analyze the impact on the company of the five main general environment sectors.

* Economic

* Demographic

* Sociocultural

* Political-legal

* Technological

Assess the organization's specific environment using Porter's five forces model as a guide.

* Current rivalry among existing firms

* Potential entrants

* Bargaining power of buyers

* Bargaining power of suppliers

* Substitute products

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Winn-Dixie has faced an economic environment that is vibrant and is affected by increased globalization. There has been minimal government intervention in the free market and the dollar has remained steady. There is efficiency in the financial markets in the USA. The quality of US business infrastructure has improved and so has the discretionary income of the Americans.

The demography of the environment in which Winn-Dixie operates is largely urban with 57% of the population living in locations 100 miles away from the sea. The most populous states of Winn-Dixie's territory are the westward and southern states like the California and Texas. US has the highest birth rate in the developed countries. The population crossed the 300 million mark in 2006. The US minority populatio is expanding very quiicly. It has 11 global cities.
There is a large class of people in the middle income range in the USA. Those who need to purchase their groceries at reasonable prices. Most Americans have some education and both the man and the women work. There is an awareness in the Americans about good health and a need to meet the health needs of the people. There is a growing market for leisure products.

Winn-Dixie faces a political/legal envrionment in which there is political stability. Even though the USA has used military intervention, there is not risk that the USA may be invaded. There are several countries ...

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