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Nation at Risk, National Standards, and Goals 2000

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The National Standards Movement gained momentum with the publication of A Nation at Risk in 1983, and Goals 2000 continued the debate should the United States have a single set of national education standards for grades K-12. Please help me start a report about these writings and the resutling events.

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As with optimal corporate functioning, the best run organizations are streamline 'top down.' In the same way, the issue with National Education Standards falls with the stakeholders (communities/citizens) and universities. The notion of individual states having responsibility to choose what is right for their citizens may seem like a good strategy but fails to set a foundation to maintain global competition.

The United States is failing in science innovation, for one, and the push simply to get top test scores in math and reading in the last decade, while important, has had a serious affect on other content areas. Apathy for school, intrinsic motivation to learn and exposure to other areas is in a ...

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A review of National Standards in Education, which started in 1983, are discussed.

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