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    Elementary Interdisciplinary Tree Unit

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    I need a list and brief description of some activities (12-14) for elementary age students engaged in a unit on trees
    Please help me find a variety of types of activities, including ones that would involve the community.

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    Learning Station - Have a tree cookie (cross section of a tree) set up with a place for students to write down their best guess as to the age of the tree. After all students guess, show them how the number of rings indicates the age.

    Read aloud books - The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, Johnny Appleseed by Reeve Lindbergh, Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Ehlert, The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

    Art - Give students 4-5 cut out leaves (or have them draw and cut them out). On each leaf, have them write something they have learned about trees.

    Art - Have the students collect leaves outside and them use the side of a crayon to make rubbings of the patterns. Discuss veins and different shapes of leaves.

    Math - Sorting - use all the collected leaves and have students categorize/group them by shape, then color, then size.

    Math - Take a walk around the campus and have students count which side of the building has the most trees.

    Science - have student use plastic knives to dissect various seeded fruits and talk about how fruit trees reproduce.

    Science - have students go outside to observe a tree and write down observations.

    Writing - have students write a poem or story about a tree. Older students can write from the perspective of being the tree.

    Community - Plant a tree as a class, on school grounds or off (get permission first!)

    Community - Book a park ranger to come and talk about trees in the area.

    Community - Have someone from the local recycling center come talk to the students about products that come from trees and how to preserve them. Have a forester come and explain how trees are processed to make these products.

    Technology/Social Studies - Have students pick another area of the world and research online the types of trees can be found there.

    Social Studies - talk about the protection trees and forests have that are located in "treasure forests" or that are in national/state parks.

    If working with older elementary, Project Learning Tree has some GREAT hands on ideas as well:

    Hope these ideas get the ball rolling on your own list! Thanks for using Brainmass!

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