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    Japan's political system

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    Outline the features and components of the Japanese political system. Highlight the interaction among its different parts and the influence of cultural traits on the functioning of the system.

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    When analyzing the Japanese political system, (you) must understand that it is a fairly recent construct predicated upon the treaty signed following its defeat in WW2. Presently, Japan's political system is highly influenced by the post-war constitution of 1947, which represents an anti-militarist document including the renunciation of the right to wage war and prohibits the maintenance of armed forces. Despite (Article 9), which has a renunciation of the right to wage war, the country later permitted a limited re-armament for ("self-defence forces"). This document has shaped the political spectrum of Japan over the last 60 years and as a result Japan is unquestionably a democratic country, but represents a very different kind of democracy to that in most of Europe in countries such as France and Germany. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that one single party has dominated the political scene in the country since WW2, which has ...

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    This solution describes features and components of the Japanese political system.