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The New Deal and Recovery Programs

Franklin D. Roosevelt ' New Deal in the 1930's aid US to go through the depression. There were famous three Rs: relief, recovery and reform. Can I know what was the recovery? and what programs did he pass for recovery?

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Under Roosevelt, Recovery was the institution of programs to stabilize the economy and bring it back to normal.

Some of these programs and laws were:

The Emergency Banking Act which provided for reopening banks under the supervision of the Treasury with the assistance of federal loans if they were needed and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation was later created to insure bank deposits.

Agricultural Adjustment Act which created the Agricultural Adjustment Administration that provided for production limits on crops.

National Recovery Program which regulated competition in order to avoid unfair wages and prices

The Social Security Act also created the Social Security Agency to help the elderly and disabled

The SEC was formed to regulate the purchase and sale of stocks

Here are numerous other programs instituted taken from Wikipedia:

Reconstruction Finance Corporation a ...