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Short and direct answers is needed for the question. thank you

Was Meck's deal with INBio ethically justifiable? why or why not?

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//Ethical perspective holds a significant part of any deal. It is as important as the commercial benefits and thus, is considered imperative. Here, before discussing the case of Merck's and INBio's from the ethical perspective, it is important to know what the deal was .Therefore, we should start this topic by highlighting the important points of the deal like this://

Merck, an American pharmaceutical company and INBio (National Biodiversity Institute), established by the Coast Rica's government had a deal in 1991.The deal was that INBio will provide Merck with the different samples of plants, micro-organisms, animals and soil from the areas of Coast Rica. These samples will be used by Merck for the research and development ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 476 words with references.

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