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    Federal Response to the Great Depression

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    Identify at least two (2) causes of the Great Depression. Discuss whether or not you believe that the federal response to the Depression encouraged economic growth and confidence. Provide a rationale for your response.

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    There were many causes of the Great Depression. Many historians have concluded that these factors all combined to create a perfect storm that really resulted in the greatest financial panic and depression the country has ever seen. It is important to remember that, up to this point, the mood in America was fantastic. People were optimistic about the future and employment opportunities were ripe with ambition and hope. As a result, the two factors I will briefly touch upon turned the feeling of optimism sour, resulting in a depressed mood throughout America.

    As a result of the stock market crash and ensuing bank failures, people simply no longer had much, if any, disposable income. As we know, America is capitalistic country that depends on consumption. This ...

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    This solution of 514 words identifies two causes of the Great Depression in detail and also discusses the federal response to encourage economic growth and confidence.