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Catering to Differences in Accessibility Among Students

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Megan teaches a sixth grade art class in a small school near Austin, TX. Most of her classes have 15-20 students of varied skill levels, cultures, and socio-economic backgrounds. Some of then have access to computers and technology, but many live in homes where technology is not readily accessible. She wants to find a way to embrace the varied backgrounds of her students in a project, and begins planning a multimedia project that requires students to share a specific element of their culture with the class in a 2-3 minute presentation. While she wants every student to put in the same amount of work, she also wants to give students a choice of projects. In all cases, she wants all presentations to include a creative visual element of some kind, a short speech that details how this element of each student's culture has impacted them individually, and a brief history/timeline of the cultural element.
Suggest three specific choices that Megan can offer to the students that would include all three presentation requirements: a creative visual, a discussion of the element's importance, and a brief history/timeline. Consider options that focus on different skill sets: writing, visual arts, music, etc.

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The differences in accessibility among students are examined.

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One I would suggest would be one on a CD-Rom or even video recorder and a written answer (preferably typed) (in paragraph form), that discusses the following; what specific culture does this represent? Why is it important? What is the most ...

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