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    Which key aspect of research is the most important one?

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    Discuss what are the three key aspects of research? Which one of them you consider the most important, or are they equally important?

    Approx 350 to 400 words.

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    Dawson (2009) argued that there are three key aspects of a research:

    Originality - Doing things that never have been done before represents originality. Originality can be achieved when something that was done can be done again using a different technique or by doing something that has never been done before. Originality can be also achieved by applying new tools, techniques, procedures, methods, exploring the unknown, exploring the unanticipated, or interpreting the data gathered before in different ways.
    Contribution/Gain - gain represents obtaining knowledge during the research process, and spreading such knowledge among others. The contribution to the body of existing knowledge to obtain theories, understanding, concepts, science or model can be achieved through the new knowledge gained from the research (e.g. new theories, or invention).
    Knowledge and Understanding-The knowledge gained during the research represented in data where raw text and numbers were gathered during the investigation. The knowledge can be also represented by the ...

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    Of the three key aspects, or reasons, for undertaking a research study, which reason is the most important one? Definition of the three aspects, with Web-based reference, and logical discussion of which aspect is the most important one for researchers.