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    Why do a Literature Search while Preparing a Research Proposal?

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    What is the purpose of a literature search in preparing a research proposal? What demonstrates an adequate literature search?

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    Research is a key component in many fields including social sciences, medicine, education and industry. In the Health sciences research is particularly important to advance knowledge and build evidence bases. With research such a key factor in health sciences it is very important it is carried out to a high standard, and is both reliable (the same results will be found again under similar conditions) and valid (you measure what you purport to measure).

    The research proposal is very important - such proposals are often subject to ethical approval and as such they need to be both informative and well thought out. Proposals for research projects may also generate money in the form of commissions and as such the funding bodies require information on whether the research is going to be reliable, valid and also look at an important aspect that will benefit the field in some way. For research proposals within education (for courses such as MSc, PhD, under-grad) the research needs to be well thought-out, with background research completed to ensure a new topic is being investigated.

    What is the purpose of providing a literature ...