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    Importance of Business Culture, Technology, Vision and Mission

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    The survival of an organization is to a degree dependent upon sound organization development and management. The organization's culture, technology, vision, and mission play an essential part in business operations. Examine abstracts from three current research articles on the Industrial Organization (I/O) Model to form vision and mission. Provide an abstract of each article. Within each abstract, explain how or why each article is for or against this Model. Define, describe the Industrial Organization (I/O) Model to form vision and mission from the three abstracts that you provide. Additionally investigate three research articles on Resource-Based Model to form vision and mission. In each abstract, explain how or why each article is for or against this Model. From the detailed reference, articles define, describe the Resource-Based Model to form vision and mission. From your research, detail which model you would select and provide you are rational for choosing this model. In your defense for selecting your model, detail at least two key factors informing your choice.

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    Industrial organization model and resource based model plays an important role in framing the overall structure of the organization. This paper discusses about the various industrial organizational model and resource based model in order to identify its advantages and disadvantages for the organization.

    Industrial Organization Model
    Traditional strategic model of industrial organization is focused towards achieving the mission and vision of the organization. This strategy was criticized by researcher and stated that majorly resources and competencies of the firm are very much important in achieving goals and objectives. Moreover, company can be able to frame vision and mission depends on its resources and competencies. This traditional model is focused towards using strategies in achieving the organizational goals (Toni & Tonchia, 2003). Traditional model is the industrial organizational model, which uses strategic planning in order to form the vision and mission.

    This article provides an industrial organizational model that makes positive contribution to the employment discrimination. Adoption of this model helps in framing the vision and mission of in the context of employee ...

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