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    Conceptualizing a Business: English School

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    Conceptualizing a Business

    Colegio Americano de Inglés opened their doors five years ago in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The business is a private English school. There is currently just one location for the school. The Colegia Americano de Inglés is already one of the best schools to learn English and one of the most affordable. With the knowledge of the school and learning about their goals and objectives, this organization is on their way to continued success. The one thing that Colegia Americano de Inglés has in front of them to achieve their goals is develop a better mission and vision statement.

    Write a 1,050-1,400-word paper in which you explain the importance of the above selected business' vision, mission, and values in determining your strategic direction. In your paper be sure to include the following:

    - Define your business, products/services, and customers by developing and presenting a formal mission statement. Ensure that you are differentiating your product or service.
    - Create and present a vision statement for this organization that clearly demonstrates your decision on what you want your business to become in the future.
    - Define your guiding principles or values for your selected business considering the topics of culture, social responsibility, and ethics.
    - Analyze how the vision, mission, and values guide the organization's strategic direction.
    - Evaluate how the organization addresses customer needs and critique how they achieve competitive advantage.

    Include References

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