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Teaching English to Non English students

I have been given a hypothetical situation in which I have a new student in my class that does not speak English. The characteristics of the child are as follows:

The child is of preschool age and has never attended school before, the student has just moved here form Ghana and does not speak English, but his parents speak English and he has a sister in grade 6 who can also speak English.

What could I do to help this child on the first day of school?

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The teacher's first matter of consideration when faced by a non-English or limited English proficient student is "school survival."

1. First of all meet with parents jointly -- ESL/bilingual and the classroom teacher. Set goals jointly.
2. Understanding the students' culture. How does one achieve status in the student's home culture? Is his family extended (three or more generations living together) or nuclear (parents and children)? Do people in his culture "look you
straight in the eye," or avoid eye contact? Who are the fold heroes? Culture is much more ...

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This gives easy tips, techniques and methods to teach English to Non English students.