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    Ethical issues involved in human cloning

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    1. What ethical issues are involved in human cloning? Do you think that any concerns are outweighed by potential benefits? Explain.

    2. Do you think it is ethical to allow a donor to specify a criterion for selecting beneficiaries?

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    1. Many conseravative Christians and others concerned about the ethical issues of cloning think that the embryo is equal to a human being right at conception and should be given the same rights. Since the process involved in DNA removal is similar to the process of basic conception, because both create a pre-embryo, it is thought that the pre-embryo is human. These people tend to liken human cloning to "playing God". ...

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    The following solution discusses the potential ethical issues involved in human cloning, as well as the potential benefits of human cloning. It also explains why it is not ethical to specify a criterion for selecting beneficiaries.