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Human Resources Management

Changing Role of Managers

The Changing Role of Managers Before answering the questions, think about some of the key attributing variables that are causing managers roles to change? Could the factors of change be related to: new technology, new workers in the work force, or team environments and remote teams? Think about what management framework you

Health care plans

Discuss the economic implications of an evolution toward consumer driven health plans. What are the pros and cons as they affect the wide variety of players in the health care market? Explain the key differences between fully insured and self insured health plans and discuss the respective advantages and disadvantages to each f

Global Human Capital Trends

1.How do global human capital goals differ from global organizational goals? 2.How can global human capital goals be strategically aligned with the global organizational goals?

HR Maintenance Metrics

Review the HR Metric Toolkit at: This link does not work so have to find another Hr metric toolkit Which tools do you believe can best be used to evaluate HR functions such as performance management and benefits offerings in your organization?

Orientation and Training for a Non-profit Organization

1. Can you provide two reasons why board orientation and training are important. Also would you include specific examples. 2. What would be two specific topic areas that all board members (new and returning) must know about, and/or needs that need to be met, and why they are important. Explain, for each, Would you suggest it

HR professional for the Power One Solar

Based on the Power One organization - summary attached, write a strategic leadership and entrepreneurship analysis of 350- 500 words that addresses the following questions for the highest ranking HR professional for the Power One Solar space. 1. What is your sphere of influence in your organization - from an Human Resource Vie

Internet based e-learning for professional development in organizations

What are the advantages and disadvantages of internet-based e-learning in organizations? How should organizations develop the most effective learning and development strategies for their employees, traditional classroom based or on-the-job training, e-learning or a combination of both?

The Development and Benefits of Business Ethics

- Determine at least two (2) additional reasons for studying business ethics. Analyze the development of business ethics since the 1960s and postulate what issues will be at the heart of business ethics ten (10) years from now. Explain your rationale. - Analyze the benefits of business ethics and determine which i

Human Resource Management and Strategy in Organizations

Discuss the implications associated with integrating human resource management efforts and strategy in organizations. Identify factors that act as facilitators of, and barriers to, effectively integrating human resources management and strategy in organizations. Please provide references.

HR function in organizations

Both dimensions are important to the function and are comprised of the key functional components. Some of the key functional components are: the employment brand, compensation, benefits, the culture/values of the organization, staffing, training/development, compliance, employee engagement and reporting of key metrics. Share you

Hofstede's Dimensions in Multnational Corporations

The most well-known framework on cultural values was derived from a landmark study in the late 1960s and early 1970s by Geert Hofstede, who analyzed data from 88,000 IBM employees from 72 countries in 20 languages. His research showed that employees working in different countries tended to prioritize different values, and those

Strategic Human Resources Development

Need help in creating a general outline for a 2 page critical analysis of strategic HR development and its impact on organizational effectiveness. I only need help with an outline because it is only 2 pages. I am unsure of what to cover since it should be only two pages. Here is the assignment rubric: The content and focus

Extrapolating Future Plans from a Mission Statement

Walden University's mission statement is as follows: Walden University provides a diverse community of career professionals with the opportunity to transform themselves as scholar-practitioners so that they can effect positive social change. In light of the mission statement respond to the following questions: How can a per

Compensation on Job Evaulation

1-Job analyses has been considered the cornerstone for human resource management. Precisely how does it support managers making pay decisions? 2-What does job analyses have to do with internal alignment? 3-Describe the major decisions involved in job analyses. 4- Distinguish between task data and behavioral data. 5-why bothe

Alignment: Management and Information Technology

Does your organization properly align management and IT? If you don't know or are unemployed, conduct some independent research regarding this topic for an organization of your choice. If so, what are some of the HR issues and challenges related to technology? If not, how could they be?

Uncertainty Dimensions

What is the difference between unfavorable and favorable uncertainties? Provide examples of each. (Minimum 200 words)

The Importance of Developing a Mission Statement

Defend the process of developing a mission statement. Why do you feel that this process is necessary and complimentary to strategic management? Support your answer with at least two examples and detail where applicable.

Three best Recruiter Practices Recruiters

Create a list of three best practices recruiters should use when screening potential candidates for a HR management position. Justify your selections. Create a new best practice for HR management based on the information that you learned in this course.

Risk management in hiring

Let's say that you are the new project manager for the creation of recruitment procedures at your company. Your deliverables include processes and procedures for identifying talent. A critical factor is that your company handles secure information for its clients. All employees must pass very detailed background and security cle

HR Barriers and Strategies

1) Assess the barriers that prevent organizations from realizing the potential of Web-based internal equity tools and propose three (3) approaches to overcome those barriers. 2) Recommend three (3) strategies that HR managers can use to evaluate the quality of market data (surveys, benchmark salary studies, etc.) that they re

Maccoby's Motivational Theory

Discuss the effectiveness of Maccoby's theory of social character and also examine how it satisfies the recent historical changes that require a rethinking of what motivates people at work: -Evaluate the usefulness of a motivation theory for managers.

Best Practice: Human Resource

Recommend a best practice an HR manager of an MNE can use to manage the human capital needs of a highly diverse workforce made up of individuals with different cultural backgrounds, speaking different languages and having different educational experiences. Provide specific examples to support your response.

How Cultural Environments Affect Human Resource Management

Discuss the cultural environment of one country in which a U.S.-based MNE exists. Compose two cultural differences between the U.S. and that country, and suggest how different cultures affect the activities and programs of a centralized IHRM. Provide specific examples to support your response.

The Courts and American's with Disabilities Act

For the case study included below: 1. Do you agree with the Court's decision? Why or why not? Would your answer change if the contagious disease was AIDS or HIV? Explain. 2. If it is shown that Arline could perform some other function in the school system besides teaching, and contact with others was not as prevalent as in t

Corporate Social Responsibiiity: Global Standards

Select an industry or business that has adopted foundational global standards. What specifically has this company done that will continue to bring a positive impact to corp. social responsibility from the global standards perspective?

Case Study Review CFS - Workplace Safety and Ethical Reporting

Answer the following question based on the case in the attached material . Your response should be at least 2 pages in length, and you should cite references relied upon for your answers. All references should be cited APA format. a. What should Cindy do, and why? Frame your answer in terms of a safe and healthy workplace.