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    Business Communication

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    Stephanie Morrow, MA (#109345)

    If you are currently in or will be in a professional business setting, everything you do will involve communication. Quality, respectable business communication requires the sharing of information so that your information is useful, practical, and functional to your co-workers, supervisors, and clients. Good business communication is not only what you say and how you say it; it is about building relationships and goodwill to create a successful business environment. In short, business depends on communication; in every organization communication is the way people get their points across and get work done.

    This book is geared towards anyone who is currently working in the business world or will be in the future. Businesses today need employees with excellent communication skills, and this book will help you develop them.

    An Introduction to Business Communication

    Communication in today s business environment has become more complex, and successful businesses require effective communicators who can manage their business environment and adapt to organizational changes through communication. There are many benefits to improving business communication, including:

    Save time. If your writing is clear, concise, and correct, you will eliminate the time taken to rewrite badly written materials and reduce the time taken by having those with whom you are communicating having to ask What did you mean?

    Communicate your points more clearly. By making issues clear, you can reduce the misunderstandings that occur when your audience has unclear information and touch upon any disagreements that may surface so that they can be resolved more quickly.

    Build goodwill. Build an image of yourself as a knowledgeable, intelligent, capable person through your writing, which can a positive image of you and your organization.

    After reading this book one will be able to:

    Define communication
    Improve business communication
    Master different types of business writing
    Develop business reports and oral presentations
    Understand interpersonal and group communication
    Identify communication strategies across cultures
    Understand laws and ethics in communication


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