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Human Resources Management

Apprenticeship Proposals

Create an apprenticeship proposal for a position in the company you work for, or wish to work for. Include specific skills the apprentice will be learning, the modelling and practice techniques that will be used, and the feedback process that will be incorporated (both informal and formal). How many hours per week the apprentice

Future trends in recruitment and retention policies and practices

What will be future trends in recruitment and retention policies and practices? Explicate important issues in recruitment and retention. What are three significant problems and future trends in recruitment and retention policies and practices? Discuss the following: 1) Compare and contrast alternative employment arrangem

Out of Control Interview: Case Analysis

Consider yourself to be the HR Manager, charged with developing a presentation for the CEO. Identify both the key issues and the underlying issues in the attached case document. Discuss the facts which affect these issues. Discuss a tentative solution to the problem and how you would implement your solution. What actions

Mass Marketing in the Present Day

Reply to the following: With mass marketing, a company will basically throw all their eggs into one basket generating one marketing plan that they feel will be suitable for as much of the market as possible. While this may have worked in the earlier days of marketing the introduction of the internet, increase in the variety o

Targeting Benefits Based on Generation Need

Reply to the following: Baby Boomers are thinking about retirement and health care benefits, that's one of the incentives I would offer them. Health Care Benefits with special incentives for when they retire. According to our text book one of the things Baby Boomers look for in a job is "The big one is probably to provide op

Possible reasons and benefits of changing employee benefits

Reply to the following: Benefit packages are not as "healthy" as they used to be. Companies often offered employees full medical, dental, retirement savings and life insurance. These companies also often offered decent paid time off to their employees. Now with recessions, and poor economic outputs, companies are cutting b

Pros and cons of internet recruiting

Reply to the following: For a discussion topic, there is a lot of information out there to discuss internet opportunities and problems for organizations that use the internet. Not to worry, I will keep mine pretty short. For the opportunities I would think that the big one has to be that web-based recruiting g

Benefits and drawbacks of internet recruiting

Reply to the following: Five years ago, online recruiting was only good for filling specialized technical positions. Today it's an integral part of the recruiting strategy for companies of all sizes and many industries. It's a fast, convenient way to find potential candidates, and it's cheaper than using newspaper ads or empl

Differing types of employment arrangements and employment agencies

Analyze a number of important issues in recruitment and retention. Discuss three significant challenges and future trends in both recruitment and retention policies and practices. Must be supported by a solid foundation of research and applications in both recruitment and retention perceptions taken from the textbook along with

Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications: Exception to Title VII

Please reply to the following in 1 or 2 paragraphs: I believe that the Bona Fide Occupational Qualification is necessary. There are exceptions to every rule, and this provides an exception to Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. "Title VII states that an employer cannot discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, or

HR Effectiveness and Job Analysis

Reply to the following in 1 or 2 paragraphs: What does an organization need to do to ensure an effective HR department? A job analysis is the procedure through which you determine the duties of the positions and the characteristics of the people to hire for them (Dessler, 2013). In the case with the company and the new vic

Effectiveness in Human Resources

What does an organization need to do to ensure an effective HR department? In order to run an effective human resources department, you must devise a strategy for achieving key human resources needs to include, employee recruitment and retention, motivation, development and engagement. What can the HR department do to ensur

Communicating compensation and benefit plans to employees

1. Assess the efficiency of common techniques for effectively communicating compensation and benefit plans to employees. Support your answer. 2. Suggest two (2) ethical risks of making incentive pay a large portion of employees' total compensation. Propose two (2) recommendations for ways the company might mitigate or reduce th

Efficacy of the Human Resource Department

When large companies get larger, it sometimes raises unexpected issues. When that growth takes place by acquisition and merger, the consequences can be historic, or historically funny. Let's say you work for Company X, a Fortune 500 company with sales of $450 million a year and 20,000 employees. In the space of less than a year,

Retention Management Strategies

Can you please assist with notes and ideas to assist in completing this and scholarly resources? Assess the overall importance of developing and implementing a comprehensive retention management program. Include a number of important factors. First, define retention management and the influence of a retention management cultur

Does Effective HR Management Give a Competitive Advantage?

How does HRM relate to strategic issues in an organization? One of the major themes at the core of strategy is the idea of "competitive advantage." What is competitive advantage, and how can HR help in creating it for the organization?

Personal Human Resources Experience

I am looking for a good HR personal experience relating to military or specifically Navy. Think about the last interaction that you had with the Human Resource function of an organization. What were you trying to achieve through your interaction? Was it a positive or negative experience? Why do you think it turned out that

Effective employment interviewing strategies.

Can you please ASSIST with NOTES, IDEAS and SCHOLARLY RESOURCES? Create a PowerPoint presentation focusing on managers and supervisors, analyzing effective employment interviewing strategies. Identify four different employment interviewing methods along with the advantages and disadvantages of each. Also identify and analyze

Compensation & HR Strategy: Importance to Success

How are compensation strategy and HR strategy central to successful business strategy? If you have a website, I would appreciate that so I can use. I need to put a 200 word paper together. Thanks.

Toyota: Strategy After Recalls

Part 1: Review Toyota company's actions in the 2012-2013 recalls. Discuss the following: - Provide your assessment of the action Toyota took after making these recalls. How successful or unsuccessful did you find this strategy? Explain why. - What other strategies would you have recommended Toyota use in this case? How c

SWOT of Human Resource Management Strategy

Conduct a SWOT analysis to describe, analyze, and evaluate your organization's HRM strategy. Please be sure to identify at least 3 to 5 strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in your Discussion. Moreover, you should identify and elaborate on three to five areas for improvement. You should also address how the HR

Human Resources Information System

Human Resources (HR) is a field that deals with policies, procedures, compliance requirements, and best practices. Developments in online systems increased the use of human resources information systems (HRISs) as of the late 1990s. HRISs have been moved to intranets and the cloud--wherein HR apps are leased in software as a ser

Modern Business, Conditions, Dilemas, and Opportunities

Part 1: * Respond to the following questions, as you answer Question 1, specify what type of HRM framework you suspect is being used at Google, and support your answer with evidence. 1. What has Google been doing that demonstrates the value of managing human resources effectively? Why do employees stay with Google? 3. Giv

HR in the modern global, political era, both small and larger companies

* Give a concrete example of a way in which human resources management can contribute to competitive advantage. * In your opinion, which part of human resources management is most key to developing and sustaining a firm's competitive advantage? Why? * What steps do you think HR personnel should take to address stakeholders'

Staffing Management

Staffing is one of the most important decisions made by the organization. Analyze two different approaches. Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of using the Person/Job Match and the Person/Organization Match. Include an assessment of each approach and other staffing alternatives that impact job satisfaction, re

Impression of Organizational Culture

Question: Describe your impression of the culture of an organization or group to which you have belonged or for which you have worked. Be sure to explain both the positive and negative aspects of the culture and the effect that it had on you as a person. My essay question Organization Culture speaks of to a system of s

Changing Role of Managers

The Changing Role of Managers Before answering the questions, think about some of the key attributing variables that are causing managers roles to change? Could the factors of change be related to: new technology, new workers in the work force, or team environments and remote teams? Think about what management framework you