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    International business and relocating employees

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    As Head of Human Resources of a major company and the organization is moving into international operations, some of the important issues that would have to be addressed before moving forward will be the following:

    1) The pay would be first, depending on where the company decides to go you have to compensate the employees for moving, not only are they moving themselves but most of the time they are moving their whole family and leaving everything behind. As an HR personnel you would probably increase the their pay because they are making a "sacrifice" .

    2) Another factor that would come into play is the language aspect, we have to make sure the person speaks and understands the language, it would just make things easier and a better transition for them.

    3) Make sure they qualify for the job, theres no point in taking some one out of their element if they are not qualified.

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    Pay should be in accordance with market forces in the new location, it should also account for similar pay for employees within the international market while providing incentives for those willing to relocate overseas. These incentives could include free housing, daycare, and ...

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