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    Vacation Planners: Carnival Cruise

    Assessment Goals The position analyzed is Personal Vacation Planner a. Develop a set of assessment goals for Carnival Cruise. Name and describe each of these goals. b. You are already aware that job-fit is important, but organizational-fit is also important. Based on Carnival's goals, culture, and strategies what type of p

    Employment contract, all will

    Strategy exercise: Imagine that you are the manager of the Mc Donalds restaurant .You are pursuing a low cost, high quality service strategy .You believe that the assistant manager you hire is critical to executing your strategy because the person will have a great deal of contact with both your employees and customers .You ha

    Value of Emotional Intelligence Testing

    3. The way a company lays off their employees speaks highly of the company's level of empathy, a key part of Emotional Intelligence. Can you recall a time, from experience, or in the news, where a company's actions changed your perception of their brand? 4. Daniel Goleman shares insight on how the level of emotional intelligenc

    Emotional Intelligence in the Hiring Process

    1. How would you feel if asked to complete an emotional intelligence assessment as part of the hiring process? Would you find it as an invasion of privacy? Please discuss and expand on any legal implications that come to mind. 2. Improving executive emotional intelligence is an up and coming trend in leadership development. Wha

    Training: Needs Assessment

    Please help discuss the needs assessment process. Focus on organizational analysis, person analysis, and task analysis. In your organization, or in a previous organization where training was conducted, compare the needs assessment process outlined in the textbook with the one in your organization.

    Training in house or purchase training

    You are the training manager for your organization and must consider whether to create training in house or purchase training from a vendor. Describe the considerations you must take into account for both decisions. Research on comparatives outcomes relating to cost, time involved, long-term value and quality of training as the

    Competency model

    Explain a competency model. How is it related to job analysis? Summarize the process used in developing a competency model.

    Maslow's Hierarchy and Learning

    The ultimate goal of all workplace learning initiatives is that learners should acquire maximum knowledge from a learning intervention which should impact their behavior at work in the form of improved job performance. For this purpose we strive to design and implement a learning experience that facilitates the learning process

    Hiring Non-Traditional Workers

    1. Non-traditional workers are often overlooked. Discuss two of these classes of non-traditional workers. What are the advantages of hiring these workers? Where can you find these workers? Explain. 2. Your firm wants to recruit people like you. Develop a plan on how they could best identify you and where they could put a recrui

    Social Media and Generation Y

    1 - What advice would you give to a college senior regarding her use of social media and its relationship to the business world? Support your discussion. 2 - What sources should you use to attract Generation Y-ers (the Millennials) who born from 1980-1995? Explain.

    Online Recruitment

    1. Will online recruitment eliminate the fairness (increase bias) in the hiring process or do you believe it may increase fairness? Explain. 2. How much do you believe that having a good LinkedIn profile guarantees that an individual is a good job candidate? Does a LinkedIn referral influence your perception of a job candidate?

    HRM Research Information

    Review the field of human resources management and conduct a four-page report. This report should include a review of print and on-line resources and a brief interview with two professionals in HR. Guidelines for this process should be adapted from Organizational Assessment and Diagnosis.

    Wage, Sex, Gender Discrimination

    Evaluate the ethical, legal, and related economic issues related sex wage discrimination in the workplace and to potential solutions. Are there ethical, legal, or economic issues with sex wage discrimination? If so, what are they, and how can they be overcome? Are there any ethical, legal, or economic issues with any of th

    Royal Caribbean Cruise Ltd.

    Discuss a company's mission and goals, market share, and financial health. What is their philosophy on corporate talent management?

    Example Memorandum for Employees

    Imagine that you have taken a new job as head of Human Relations (HR) for an up-and-coming software firm. Your 150 employees are hip, smart and tech savvy. They are also big cell phone users. Cell phones are an important tool for your business communications, and you don't want to ruin the company atmosphere of embracing new tec

    Jobs Impacted By Automation

    Describe several of the jobs that have gone by the wayside due to automation. Continue with a list of five employer benefits to technological upgrades, five undesirable features of the problem for workers, and reasons why they are affected.

    Bring Bias into the Light

    Please help analyze the following article. 1 - Elaborate on 4 provoking and stimulating questions from the article. 2 - Describe the application to strategic Staffing-Talent Management 3 - Describe implications for the future of HR professionals. See attached file for reference: http://www.hrmagazine-digital.com/hrmagaz

    Disparate Impact and Disparate Treatment

    Help discuss the importance of the legal context of talent management. Bases for Employment Lawsuits a - What is the difference between disparate treatment and adverse impact? b - Strategic Exercise. Using each of the three statistical examples (stock, flow, and concentration), discuss whether or not there is evidence of ad

    Staffing Article Analysis

    Go to the EEOC Newsroom www.EEOC.gov (on the EEOC homepage) and choose and article related to staffing. Please help and provide ideas after reading the article (see the attached file). 1-Discuss the article. 2 -Discuss the legal context (the law) related to this article. 3-Go to the EEOC statistics. Discuss the filing tren

    HR training and practices across different cultures

    Will you discuss each of these at length? (200 words each) 1. What kind of policies do you think would work best to prevent workplace violence? 2. How might an international firm trying to adapt HRM practices to the local culture produce worse results than it would produce by "exporting" HRM practices from the home office?

    Beauty Bias in the Workplace

    Watch the video: Beauty Bias at http://video.foxnews.com/v/1752135562001/is-hiring-based-on-looks-discrimination-/#sp=show-clips And read the article http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Society/2013/0523/Abercrombie-Fitch-What-s-wrong-with-selling-just-to-cool-people Then answer this questions: Do you believe that the beauty b

    Expatriates and repatriates

    Describe the types of HR-related risks realized by most small businesses. Explain with an example how PEOs can assist small businesses with these risks. Describe what employers can do to improve the employee's transition during repatriation. Explain some of the reasons why an employer would bring an expatriate home early.

    A Discussion of Workplace Discrimination

    Please assist me with NOTES and IDEAS with getting this one started. I went with gender, racial and equal pay discrimination. - Compose a background statement that indicates why workplace discrimination is of importance in terms of social concern or theoretical interest. - This is important, because if workplace discriminat

    Strategic staffing

    1 - Provide examples of organizational goals, process goals, and outcome goals 2 - Discuss and give examples of changes that can impact each of these types of goals. 3 - What can you do as an HR professional to ensure that these goals are met and that where is a smooth transition in the face of change? 4- From this three sta

    Strategic Staffing

    Steve Ballmer was a college buddy of Bill Gates who has served as CEO of Microsoft since 1990. When he announced that he would be stepping down from this position sometime in 2014, Microsoft also announced that he would be choosing his own successor. First, read the article "Microsoft CEO Ballmer to Retire within Next 12 Month

    Experience of the Employee Orientation Process

    Relate an experience that you have had as a job seeker to any of the steps in that figure. What do you believe that the company could have done to make this a better experience for you? (See attached file for flow chart)

    Discriminatory Job Rotation and Incentive Policies

    Can you please assist me with notes and ideas? I'm having a difficult time with getting this started. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Conduct an investigation on a work place discrimination issue. Pinpoint a particular area for intervention. Summarize the strengths and weaknesses for policies and programs related to d