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    affirmative action plans

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    I am trying to understand affirmative action plans and i am asking that you provide textbook definitions/creditable research along with personal experiences/real life application of it to help me better understand the topic. many people say that its not fair or they feel like under qualified people get hired because of it, so I want to gain a little more understanding based on fact and a personal experience or two to be able to really know what it is and who its intended to help and why. Please provide references for any cited material.

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    //In many organizations, the concept of stereotyping and biases is very common, which hinders an individual's capability to perform. It not only affects the organization performance but also decreases the morale of the individual. In this context, the discussion highlights the concept of affirmative action plans and its purpose along with personal reflection.//

    An affirmative action plan is a tool used by the management to ensure that equal employment opportunities are provided to all the qualified persons. Apart from this, it also focuses on providing all the additional rights that are associated with the employment to the persons. The basic purpose or the prime intention of the affirmative action plan is to help those who have suffered any sort ...

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