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    Are affirmative action plans necessary for social progress?
    Given that employment at will is the basic policy, how can employees then challenge a termination?

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    There are several arguments both in favor of and against affirmative action plans. You should think carefully about your own views and determine whether or not you think they are needed for social progress. Below are some to get you started. The plans sprouted from the idea that society must ensure equal opportunities by redressing current unfairness that reflects longstanding, systemic discrimination.

    Arguments supporting them include:
    1) Affirmative action plans are consistent with democratic ideals, such as the belief that all people are created equal. In spite of substantial effort and progress, we are not the society we aspire to be. For example, minorities are still disproportionately poor. Women and minorities often make less money then white men working at the same job. Therefore, affirmative action plans should continue. ...

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    Analyzes affirmative action policies and job termination