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    Hong Kong protests over low wages

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    Review the video below titled "Hong Kong protests over low wages" (2 min 6 s). Click here to access the video if it is not playing correctly below. Next, explain the purpose of two (2) key laws governing U.S. employment; then, determine how Hong Kong's government could use the same two (2) laws to help these struggling low-income workers. Justify your response.


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    //The matters connected with labor wages and employment are considered to be very sensitive to an economy. In this context, in the following article, the problems of low wages faced by the workers in Hong Kong have been discussed with reference being given of laws prevailing in the United States.//

    The design of the legal framework of labor employment and wages matters in the United States includes Fair Labor Standards Act, 1938 and other Acts as per the convenience of individual states. The Fair Labor Standards Act, 1938 provides for the baseline rules such as minimum wages ...

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