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    Interview Questions and Answers.

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    PricewaterhouseCoopers China(PWC)-Associate

    1.Tell us about PWC?
    2. Why you want to work in Shanghai, China?
    3.Tell us about Associate Position.
    4.Tell us about your strength and weakness.(any answer would be ok based on accounting field)
    5.What is your current position-Unemployed, please explain why I want to join pwc.
    6.Any experiences? Insurance Company-Korea asset management.(any answer would be ok based on accounting field).

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    PricewaterhouseCoopers China(PWC)-Associate

    1. Tell us about PWC?

    PWC is the biggest international structure of auditing, accounting and tax organizations. This indicates that consumers can have connection to exceptional resources that serves many of the world's best and most prominent companies. In addition, PWC has an excellent reputation of establishing and maintain long-term customer intimacy with its clients and focuses on delivering virtue, value and fidelity in every service it performs.

    2. Why you want to work in Shanghai, China?

    I would like to work in Shanghai, China because I embrace diversified cultures, I have researched Chinese culture and would like to integrate my culture with Chinese and vice versa. By doing this, I can learn diverse knowledge, skills, different language, culture, and ways of doing things that I am not familiar with. Considering that increased knowledge about what I do not ...

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