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Discussing Juvenile Interviews

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Read the following article written by an attorney in New Jersey, discussing 10 tips for success while interviewing juvenile clients:


Is there any item that you would want to remove from the list? If yes, with what would you replace this item? If not, explain how the 10 items are representative of meeting all the needs of interviewing a juvenile client.

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Solution Summary

The approach that law enforcement and prosecution uses when questioning juveniles can impact the answers they recieve as well as the case their building. In saying this we review some questions that an attorney in New Jersey uses when they interview a juvenile.


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I would have to say that all ten questions meet the criteria that I feel would be suited for an interview with a juvenile. The course of the questions maintains a chronological order that tells a story (beginning, body, and conclusion). As the article states, the questions focus on trust building and making the juvenile in question comfortable in an uncomfortable setting. I ...

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