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Discussing Juvenile Procedures

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Discussion: Explain the laws that influence police procedures with respect to juveniles. Explain the laws that impact these procedures followed by juveniles in the court. Also, discuss an overview of important Supreme Court cases that ensured juvenile rights, and describe how these cases ensured the rights of juveniles.

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The solution discusses juvenile procedures. The laws that influence police procedures with respect to juveniles are explained.

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Explain the laws that influence police procedure with respect to juveniles:

The procedures and influence that police have in regards to juveniles were cultivated during the creation of the juvenile court. The purpose of the juvenile court is to serve the best interests of the child wherein the court serves a 'de facto' parental guardian for the child. Therefore, when engaging juvenile offenders, police officers are able to use even more discretion than they have for adult offenders. In fact, they have the autonomy to either place the juvenile within the juvenile justice system or allow them to be released. This is very important in the context of juvenile justice because of several theoretical theories that have linked labeling theories with criminality.

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