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    Active Constructive Responding - communication response

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    Review the video below titled "Active Constructive Responding" (5 min 34 s). Click here to access the video if it is not playing correctly below. Next, describe a scenario within your organization or an organization you are familiar with that was similar to the scenario shown in the video. Describe which of the four (4) communication responses from the video occurred in your chosen scenario. Determine one (1) way the individual(s) in your scenario could have improved the response to ensure that it falls within the active constructive response criteria. Justify your response.


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    //Active Constructive Responding is considered as the most effective way in which an individual usually responds in a positive manner to the good news that is delivered to him. Through this paper, the importance of Active Constructive Responding is being highlighted to strengthen the human relationships in an organization.//

    Analysis of Scenario

    I and my colleague are working as a marketing executive in an organization from the past two years. But recently, my colleague has been awarded promotion on the basis of his excellent past performance of the past two years. Furthermore, he was promoted upward in the hierarchy of the organization through an increase in his responsibilities, status and salary structure. He was appointed on a higher position of a marketing manager with an expensive office decor, greater autonomy and freedom and lack of control ...

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