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    Describe either an interview that you have been on or conducted. Describe the questions asked, your answers or typical responses. Why would you ask those questions and why do you think you either responded the way you did or other people respond the way they do. There is no wrong answers just trying to get some more feed back. I am not looking for any type of structure just data. it needs to be susbstantial and in your own words, at least 1,000 words. You can cite things if necessary but i prefer experiences over copy and paste.

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    During the researcher's tenure as the head of a resale organization, the researcher was tasked with interviewing potential employees for the position of future salesperson for the organization. The organization was based upon an employee based narrative wherein the objective was to ensure that the organization was able recruit salespeople who were capable of expanding the business model and exhibiting the necessary skills and abilities that would bring the company into new markets. Therefore, when the organization interviews potential employees, many of the requirements that were needed to be ascertained included whether or not the applicant had previous experience dealing with sales, whether or not the applicant was personable and able to connect with people, and whether or not the applicant could take the initiative on their own accord in regard to guiding themselves in the field.

    The job entailed driving to different retail stores and engaging in resales of products that had already been purchased by the retail stores but resold to "general dollar" stores for a lesser price. The objective of the resale store was to take these same products to other retail markets and sell them at a price that would result in a profit for the organization as well as for the employee. For employees to obtain a profit, they needed to ensure that they were able to engage in excessive driving, excellent ...

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    The expert describes an interview that has been conducted.