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    Strategic Staffing:Unstructured/Structured Interviews

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    Week-5 HR594O_Strategic Staffing

    First discussion-Internal & External Selection:

    Staffing experts recommend the use of structured interviews in the selection process.

    1- Why are they considered to be more effective than unstructured interviews? Discuss the pros and cons of each method.

    2- We also need to build in some discussion of the Behavioral Event Interview or sometimes called the Behavioral Interview. These interview questions ask people what they really did in their job and not hypothetical questions about what the candidate might do in a given situation. This is a good way to drill into actual behaviors such as communications, decision making, conflict resolution, etc.

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    Structured interviews are considered more effective than unstructured interviews because they allow the interviewer to ask the same specific questions to each candidate. In addition, by demanding that there is a set list of questions the interviewer must prepare for the interview, determining what is important to ask each job candidate, and often further drilling down the specifics of the position, thus clarifying the position better. In addition, asking the same questions to each candidate the committee will be better able to access each candidate through a rating scale. Furthermore, ...

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    This solution discusses why structured interviews are considered more effective than unstructured interviews. Pros and cons are discussed for each method. Behavioral Event Interviews are also discussed. It includes links and examples.