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Group interviews vs individual interviews

Please compare and contract individual and group interviews. Under what specific conditions might one be preferable to the other in qualitative data collection? Please provide three (3) specific examples, and/or citations from outside sources, in support of your response.

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Group interviews are good for gaining general information about the subject of the study. Since the group interview is driven by the group dynamics, it gives the perspective of the group as a whole or the most vocal of the group members. It is less personal than the individual interview where more in depth information is focused on and discussed. While some group interviews can give personal information and examples, the individual interview is able to concentrate on the individual experiences. The group interview by contrast can give a consensus of a subject. Group interviews can help determine the commonalities within groups, but decreases the probability of the members giving answers to try to ...

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Discussion and examples of group interviews vs. individual interviews for a study is provided.