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    Depopulation Research: Sedgwick County

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    Over the past 16 years, only two building permits for new housing construction have been issued in Sedgwick County, Colorado. This is consistent with the depopulation (particularly of younger persons) and economic diminution that is attributed to a declining rainfall since the 1970s. These are quantitative details. It is unclear how much of the depopulation was due to perceived opportunities elsewhere, to copycat or fad behavior, and to perceived change in local economic opportunity. Is qualitative analysis more likely to identify the leading cause of Sedgwick County's out-migration than are quantitative econometric methods? Why or why not? Which characteristics of qualitative research exerted the most influence as a view was formed on this topic?

    300 words and references please

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    Qualitative Research for Depopulation Study

    It is without a doubt that quantitative research has its important merits - it measures quantifiable variables that can show the extent, size and impact of a phenomenon. In the case of the depopulation of Sedgwick County, Colorado it showed statistics and data sets of interests that directly illustrate the issue, i.e. number of building permits issued over time as well as declining rainfall - which in turn directly relates to agricultural and wider economic status of the county. While production of these data sets measures available variables - to relate variables as well as to interpret the data set requires the adaption of sociological imagination. But while the interpretation that can result provide good insight, i.e. young people leave for work elsewhere because draught leads to infertile fields which means there is no agricultural industry to employ people and to be the backbone of a wider ...

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