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Compensation for Organizations in Same Industries

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Select two (2) different organizations within the same industry. Research employee compensation for comparable positions within these organizations. Determine whether the compensation is similar between the organizations or there is a significant gap. Explain your findings, and suggest a rationale for any differences you find.

Go to the Salary.com website and search the average salary for your current job title in your geographic area. If you are currently a fulltime student, search the average salary for a previous position you held. Next, use the results of your search to determine whether your actual current / past compensation is / was justifiable. Suggest one (1) method you could use to increase your compensation. Provide a rationale for your findings and suggestion.

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The Tech Industry has some of the highest salaries in any industry, but two companies are the most coveted employers within this industry. Facebook and Google are the two most desired companies to work for, and in reference to a specific career, software engineer, the companies have very similar salaries. Both companies have average salaries ...

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The expert selects two different organizations within the same industry. The method that could increase compensation are determined.