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Describing the issues facing various USA Industries

Describe the nature and components of, and the issues currently facing, executive compensation in various U.S. industries.

Executive compensation is usually meant to be competitive with other companies of the same caliber. Executive salaries are usually determined by a committee, which usually consists of the board of directors of the organization. Some concerns are that the executives make decisions to benefit themselves financially rather than what it will do to improve the organization.

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Executive compensation has become a hot topic in our current political environment as well as our economic environment. With so many people unemployed and so many more losing their homes, the disparity between the highly paid executives and the unemployed becomes a source of irritation in what is perceived to be unfair. Executive salaries are used as examples of corruption and abuse whether that is even true. The media exploits the subject with sensationalism in reporting.

The second reason negativity exists about executive compensation is the abuse that has occurred. "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." White collar crime has moved to the top echelons of large corporations with many ...

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The solution describes the issues facing various USA industries.