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    Vacation Planners: Carnival Cruise

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    Assessment Goals
    The position analyzed is Personal Vacation Planner

    a. Develop a set of assessment goals for Carnival Cruise. Name and describe each of these goals.
    b. You are already aware that job-fit is important, but organizational-fit is also important. Based on Carnival's goals, culture, and strategies what type of person will fit? (Discuss the potential candidate's desirable values, beliefs, personality, etc. and how these will fits with the values, norms, and culture, etc. of the organization).

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    a. Set of assessment goals for Carnival Cruise: The position is "personal Vacation Planner".
    The goals are:
    Selling skills: He must be able to persuade prospects to use the services of Carnival Cruise.
    Rapport building: He must be able to build a connection with potential customers over the telephone.
    Presentation Skills: He must be able to make presentation to businesses and institutions.
    Formal training as a travel planner: This is preferable so that Carnival Cruise is able to select persons who have some formal training in travel planning.
    Decision making ability: The applicant must be able to make best decisions about travel arrangements through the method of transportation, car rentals, and hotel accommodations.
    Competitive: The applicant should be strongly motivated, result ...

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