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    Carnival Cruise Line

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    Cases: MG 800, Fall 2014

    Case 1

    Carnival Cruise Lines: This Company has had its image damaged severely by mishaps, bad publicity, angry customers, etc. The situation may be hopeless. On the other hand, this is an opportunity to think strategically. Imagine that you are an MBA working for the company. How could you propose a solution to its terrible situation? Please consider the following:

    • What specific financial damage has the company suffered? Look at Yahoo Finance or the Wall Street Journal.
    • Make an overall assessment of the situation including the status of the cruise industry and the actions of competitors.
    • How can Carnival improve its situation by adopting or achieving an effective strategy?
    • Provide a general strategic assessment showing how the company can improve its profit. Be specific. Will you use advertising? Promotions? Name change? Different part of the world? Etc.

    Things to keep in mind:

    • Carnival Cruise Lines is experiencing real trouble. They need a sound strategic plan of action.
    • You need to convince managers who understand the business and who are skeptical of vague answers.
    • Read about the topic as much as you can. If you miss something, your credibility will be shot.
    • Apply strategic concepts from the course. This is not a course in marketing or repair.
    • Find out what the more successful cruise lines are doing and apply their ideas.
    • Produce a well-written paper of at least five pages that is suitable to show senior management.
    should be 5 pgs mininum

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    //The following discussion is in concern to the Carnival Cruise Line and the series of events, which deteriorated its market position in the cruise industry. In the latter part of the discussion, the impact of mishaps of Carnival Cruise Line on the cruise industry has been studied. At last, an effective marketing plan is presented that needs to be implemented by the company in order to revive its business and profitability//.

    Carnival Cruise Lines is a US based cruise line that is headquartered in Florida. It was considered as one of the most popular cruise lines of the world as it offers a wide range of quality cruise vacations, which gives an outstanding value of money. However, due to a series of mishappenings and dissatisfied customers in the recent time, the goodwill of the company has been badly affected (Esterl & Lublin, 2013). All these incidences had a bad impact on the entire cruise industry. Thus, a marketing plan needs to be implemented that focuses on repairing the brand image of Carnival Cruise Line.

    //As a result of a series of mishappening and accidents, various financial damage has been caused on which the company needs to work upon//.

    Carnival Corporation has experienced a considerable amount of loss during November 2014 as the ticket prices and onboard spending were curtailed. Due to a series of mishappenings and bad customer services being provided, the company was expecting per-share earnings of $2.30 to $2.60 for the year 2014. Moreover, during the tragedy of January 2012, the stock of the company dropped by 14% and, thus, the company had to face a total cost of $100 million (Flores, 2013).

    //In the following paragraphs, overall assessment of the mishaps and declining goodwill of Carnival Cruise Lines has been discussed. In addition to this, the status of the cruise industry has been badly affected due to the series of mishapenings taking place//.

    The position of Carnival Cruise Lines in the market has declined as a result of a series of events that took place. On 13th January 2012, the cruise ship, Costa Concordia (a subsidiary of Carnival), experienced a major accident as it was badly struck by rocky reef and rolled on its side. This led to the sinking of the ship and 32 passengers lost their lives (Flores, 2013). The engine of Carnival's Liberty cruise ship caught fire during a scheduled port call in St. Thomas.

    After that incident, ...

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