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    Human Resources Management

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    Uncertainty Dimensions

    What is the difference between unfavorable and favorable uncertainties? Provide examples of each. (Minimum 200 words)

    The Importance of Developing a Mission Statement

    Defend the process of developing a mission statement. Why do you feel that this process is necessary and complimentary to strategic management? Support your answer with at least two examples and detail where applicable.

    Three best Recruiter Practices Recruiters

    Create a list of three best practices recruiters should use when screening potential candidates for a HR management position. Justify your selections. Create a new best practice for HR management based on the information that you learned in this course.

    Risk management in hiring

    Let's say that you are the new project manager for the creation of recruitment procedures at your company. Your deliverables include processes and procedures for identifying talent. A critical factor is that your company handles secure information for its clients. All employees must pass very detailed background and security cle

    HR Barriers and Strategies

    1) Assess the barriers that prevent organizations from realizing the potential of Web-based internal equity tools and propose three (3) approaches to overcome those barriers. 2) Recommend three (3) strategies that HR managers can use to evaluate the quality of market data (surveys, benchmark salary studies, etc.) that they re

    Maccoby's Motivational Theory

    Discuss the effectiveness of Maccoby's theory of social character and also examine how it satisfies the recent historical changes that require a rethinking of what motivates people at work: -Evaluate the usefulness of a motivation theory for managers.

    Best Practice: Human Resource

    Recommend a best practice an HR manager of an MNE can use to manage the human capital needs of a highly diverse workforce made up of individuals with different cultural backgrounds, speaking different languages and having different educational experiences. Provide specific examples to support your response.

    How Cultural Environments Affect Human Resource Management

    Discuss the cultural environment of one country in which a U.S.-based MNE exists. Compose two cultural differences between the U.S. and that country, and suggest how different cultures affect the activities and programs of a centralized IHRM. Provide specific examples to support your response.

    The Courts and American's with Disabilities Act

    For the case study included below: 1. Do you agree with the Court's decision? Why or why not? Would your answer change if the contagious disease was AIDS or HIV? Explain. 2. If it is shown that Arline could perform some other function in the school system besides teaching, and contact with others was not as prevalent as in t

    Corporate Social Responsibiiity: Global Standards

    Select an industry or business that has adopted foundational global standards. What specifically has this company done that will continue to bring a positive impact to corp. social responsibility from the global standards perspective?

    Case Study Review CFS - Workplace Safety and Ethical Reporting

    Answer the following question based on the case in the attached material . Your response should be at least 2 pages in length, and you should cite references relied upon for your answers. All references should be cited APA format. a. What should Cindy do, and why? Frame your answer in terms of a safe and healthy workplace.

    Changes in Recruiting Today versus Ten Years Ago

    1. Two of the influences on recruitment methods are information technology changes and the .global economy. What are some of the avenues for recruiting that exist today that did not exist ten years ago? Do you feel the recruiting methods of today are effective or ineffectual? Share your thoughts with examples and relevant ration

    High performance work systems

    Your boss wants you to examine the management practices in place at your company. He said that he has been reading up on the benefits of a high-performance work system but is unsure if that is what is in place now. He has asked you to put together a report for his review. Your report should define a high-performance work system,

    Social Responsibility.

    Conduct research on organizations that rate companies on a specific facet of social responsibility. How do they assess the companies they rate? How do the vision and mission statements of the rating organization affect how they view social responsibility? How do the vision and mission statements influence the assessment tools us

    Understanding the different areas of law

    Peter Jones is an encyclopedia salesman who lives in sunny California. One day, Peter knocked on Rita's door and requested payment for the set of encyclopedias he delivered to her the previous week. Rita laughed at Peter and slammed the door in his face and hit him in the nose. She yelled through the window that if he wanted his

    The evolution of the role of a Human Resource professional

    1. How has the role of the Human Resource professional evolved to a role that is both administrative and strategic? Given what you have read, describe what you view as the overarching purpose of the Human Resource function. From your own workplace, do you see evidence of both administrative and strategic tasks that support the o

    Human resource - Incentives and punishments

    1. Do you think it is ethical when an employer decides to penalize employees who eat their favorite junk foods and gain weight or smoke cigarettes, which are legal products? 2. What can an organization do to ensure that merit pay and other incentives are administered fairly? What kind of data would you gather to ensure that t

    Application of HR in the Global Environment

    Can you please assist with notes and ideas and scholarly resources? HR in the Global Environment: As a Human Resource Generalist of your organization. Your goal is to build a paper that can be utilized to inform senior management so they will understand the impact of globalization on your business operations. explain how hu

    The Concept of Organizations as Systems

    Discuss the concept of organizations as systems. How may the management utilize the principles of this concept to to encourage optimal organizational functioning and development? Use authoritative evidence (references) as support.

    Qualities of an Effective HR Professional

    Just looking for a few paragraphs to get a discussion going: What are some qualities that an effective HR professional brings to the job? What qualities might be more important for the compensation area than for other areas of HR?

    Describing Human Resources Role and Developing the Future Workforce

    Can you assist with notes, ideas, and scholarly resources? The Future of Human Resources - High Performance Work Systems The future of Human Resources is literally a blank slate! Things are changing at a dramatic, almost alarming, rate. Issues may include globalization of the workforce, the changing generational workforce,

    Benefit of educational reimbursement

    The employee benefit of educational reimbursement Definition: The employee benefit of educational reimbursement is provided by some organizations. This benefit provides a means by which employees may enroll in online college courses, or other types of college courses in order to obtain degrees that are directly related to thei


    I need help finding an article that focuses on the evolution of unions and why employees are still choosing to organize in the 21st century. The focus should be on contract administration, legal basis for unions, collective bargaining process, philosophies and strategies of unions related to management.