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    Risk management in hiring

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    Let's say that you are the new project manager for the creation of recruitment procedures at your company. Your deliverables include processes and procedures for identifying talent. A critical factor is that your company handles secure information for its clients. All employees must pass very detailed background and security clearances. The director of your department has asked you to send a summary on the risks associated with this project and your process for managing it.

    I need an e-mail to your director, write your process for risk management. The e-mail must include the following:
    Define at least 2 risks to this project.
    Explain the benefits of using risk management as pertaining to your defined risks.
    Define the importance of using risk management specific to this project.
    Describe what may happen if risk management was not utilized.

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    Define at least 2 risks to this project.
    There are many risks that could occur, people who are incompetent, who lack of knowledge, who are dangerous to employees or customers, loss of assets due to theft. Two to focus on are dangerous and incompetent. The competent can put both assets and other people at risk. If a person does not know how to operate machinery or equipment, they can harm others. A forklift driver who runs into products in a warehouse is a risk because they can ...

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