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    Quality Improvement Paper for Toyota Motor Corporation

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    Select a process in Toyota that needs improvement and prepare a 1,050-with introduction and conclusion paper in which you address the following deliverables: APA guideline

    a. A description of the chosen process
    b. An "As-Is" flow chart of the process to be analyzed.
    c. Describe the relationship of the process to the organization's strategic plan.
    d. Identify the internal and external customers that are currently impacted by the process that would benefit from the process improvement.
    e. Identify the most appropriate Quality Management tool that can be used to collect and present data on the process improvement changes
    f. Utilize your selected quality tool to analyze your process and identify process improvement opportunities.
    g. Estimate the level of improvement that could be realized and the value of implementing this process improvement

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    The type of contract plays an important role for the project is one of the most important elements, which should be considered by the management in an effective manner. It is responsibility of the project manager to ensure that the selected type of contract is best fit for the purpose of the project. In the contract selection it should also be considered that place of execution, remuneration are defined properly and in an effective manner. The services under the contract should also be defined clearly. The project manager should also ensure the involvement of the time scale of completion under the contract. The focus on the type of contract is important as it determines the compensation and scope of the project, which is the most essential part of the project management (Schwalbe, 2006). A project plan includes various types of situations, which involves different types of contracts. The project manager should also choose the types of contract on the basis of situation and project requirement. Inclusion of different types of contracts provides more flexibility to the organization and also reduces the amount of risk.

    Contract Types

    The APDC includes several situations and it should use different type of contract according the situations. Following are the situations and best suitable contract for these situations -

    1. Hiring technicians to install and configure the ...

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