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    Toyota SWOT Analysis

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    Take the perspective of Toyota's Director of Strategic Planning to develop a full SWOT analysis of Toyota, identifying and explaining at least five factors for each category (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) and proposing a complete strategy (implementation, ramification and evaluation) which addresses one of Toyota's weaknesses and what you would do about it.

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    Toyota is one of the leading firms in car manufacturing industry and enjoying immense growth. Company operates its activities and serves its automobile products in more than 170 countries all over the world. The main markets of Toyota are Japan, Asia, North America and Europe. By means of this paper, a SWOT analysis of Toyota is discussed. A complete strategy, which addresses one of Toyota's weaknesses, and its impetration ramification and evaluation are also proposed.

    SWOT Analysis of Toyota
    - In the first quarter of fiscal year 2012, the net revenue of Toyota is increased by 59.9 % in comparison to the last year first quarter and the net income of the firm is increased in 2012, from 1.1 billion yen to 290.3 billion yen (Toyota, 2012).
    - Company has global identity, as it provides quality and hybrids automobiles, which are customer and environmental friendly. Thus it is highly preferred by the consumers (Griffin, 2010).
    - The board of directors and executive team of Toyota integrate expert, competent and professional members. Apart from this, company has a skilled and talented workforce, which brings new and innovative ideas to make it competitive in the global automobile industry (Müller, 2011).
    - Supplier of the firm ensures to provide high quality material to the firm as fast as possible.
    - Company has wide range of branches and outlets at the most popular locations of the cities in all the countries, which ensures its long term growth.
    - Company ...

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    The expert takes the perspective of Toyota's director of strategic planning to develop a full SWOT analysis. A complete strategy is proposed.