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    Alignment: Management and Information Technology

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    Does your organization properly align management and IT? If you don't know or are unemployed, conduct some independent research regarding this topic for an organization of your choice. If so, what are some of the HR issues and challenges related to technology? If not, how could they be?

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    Alignment between strategic managerial goals and information technology (IT) comes with two major challenges: the frantic pace at which IT changes and the potentially catastrophic consequences of either an internal or external breach/misuse of company data.

    Within the IT realm, it is often said that any item purchased is obsolete the second it is removed from the box. This is true for smart phones, tablets, computers and other hardware/software components. An example to show how this issue impacts managerial goals can be explained with a retail store. Management decides to make the ...

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    This solution is about 400 words and identifies two challenges in aligning managerial direction and information technology: the rapid rate at which IT changes and the high threat level of data breaches. The solution uses the retail industry as an example, and a recent (2013) incident which was newsworthy for weeks, of how a major company was highly publicized for it "managed" a breach of customers' credit and debit data.