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    Human Resources Management

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    Recruiting Methods

    What is the difference in recruiting for profit and nonprofit organizations and can you give examples that describes and justifies those recruiting methods?

    employment relations

    While it is important to discuss employment relations at a national level, the global economy is changing the nature of the workforce. Is it now more appropriate to talk about regional/international employment relations rather than local employment relations?

    need scholarly resources

    I need assistance with finding at least 4 scholarly resources to complete a power point presentation. The assignment is requesting me to design a continual training and communications program that will improve communications in an online university where all members including student, instructors, and employees are virtual. Can

    The Impact of Workforce Heterogeneity on Team Performance

    An explanation of two potential impacts of workforce heterogeneity (both functional and demographic) on team performance and satisfaction. Explain two potential benefits and two potential risks to team performance and satisfaction related to team heterogeneity.

    Improving Communications in an Online University

    I am familiar with creating a power presentation; however I need ideas on designing a training program that will improve communications in an online university where all members are virtual. Communication Processes Human resources managers must have the necessary technical skills to be able to design and prepare effective P

    Help 10

    If you were the chief information officer (CIO) of such an organization, how would you approach the organization of in-house IT departmental staffing to ensure optimal patient outcomes in an effective and efficient manner? What would be some of the important factors and attributes that you would consider in your decision-making

    Case Study

    Need case study done for the attached case. Need help with the following questions. Hints for the Case Study 1. What are the major strengths and weaknesses of Church & Dwight? 2. What are the major opportunities and threats facing Church & Dwight? 3. What are the strategic factors facing Church & Dwight? 4. What factors

    Human Resource Training Programs for New Employees

    Can you please assist with ideas and advice to help in how to start this for both employees on location and virtual employees? Thank you! The Effective Human Resource Department Two key areas become a part of each person's organizational experience immediately upon hire - training/development and performance management. New

    Labor Relations Help

    1. Detail the process normally utilized in the selection of an arbitrator. How does the selected arbitrator interpret ambiguous contract provisions? 2. Differentiate the five principles that govern the arbitration of grievances under collective bargaining. 3. Which do you believe to be a superior resolution process, arbitratio

    The Benefits of Labor Unions

    Summarize the Norris-La Guardia, National Labor Relations, Taft-Hartley, and Landrum-Griffith Acts and explain the historical importance of each. Explain the reasons why employees choose to join a union. Outline the components of the union organizing process and briefly explain each. Please list any references that you

    HR Generalist and HR Specialists Roles

    Need assistance and ideas with completing 5 pages on this topic. Please help! Compare and contrast HR Generalist and HR Specialist. Describe the contribution of human resources to organizational outcomes. Critique human resources as they relate to both objective and subjective elements of managing human capital.

    Human Resource Management Scenario Discussion

    Assume you are the Human Resource Manager for ABC Group, Inc. For each of the following six scenarios, identify what actions you would take and justify your reasoning. Scenario 1: In an effort to downsize the organization, you are offering early retirement to particular individuals. You will offer early retirement to Ja

    Common Merit Date vs. Anniversary Date for annual merit increases

    Compare and contrast the advantages/disadvantages of a Common Merit Date vs an Anniversary Date for annual merit increases. Which method would an employee receiving an increase find preferable and which method would a manager administering merit reviews find preferable? Site references where applicable.

    Human Resource Planning

    Five-page paper discusses the relationship between human resource planning activities and the organization's strategic development and implementation. Describe the eight elements of the staffing process. Examine the relationship between the eight elements of the staffing process and the four activities related to human resource

    Effective Human Resource Management

    Can you describe ways in which a non-profit organization focuses on its human capital and what impact does it make on human resource management? Thanks

    Unionization in Asia

    You are an expatriate manager at a manufacturing facility in Asia on your first assignment abroad. You are aware of increasing concern among your employees (mostly young women) about wages that barely permit them to live at subsistence level. The plant is not unionized and you know that your superiors in your home country are

    Human Resource Management Considerations

    Can you explain the micro and macro considerations of human resource management with a couple examples and references if you would please so that I can read for further understanding please?

    Importance of Flexibility, Intelligence, Trust, Teamwork

    The qualities that workers consider necessary for being a good boss are Communication skills, Effective leadership skills, trust in their employees to do their jobs well, flexibility and understanding, intelligence, teamwork skills and, an even temperament. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why or why not?

    ADA, Non-compete Agreements and Workplace Investigation

    I need some help in conceptualizing these questions: 1.) How should employers deal with situations in which performance problems might be related to employees' disabilities? 2.) Who should conduct workplace investigations? What are the pros and cons of using internal versus external investigations? 3.) Should employers u

    Employee Employment Handbook

    I need some help conceptualizing these questions: 1.) Should employers issue employee handbooks? If so, how should handbooks be constructed? Disseminated to employees? 2.) What are some feasible alternatives to downsizing? If downsizing must occur, what criteria should be used to select those individuals who will be downsize

    Recruiting and Adverse Impact

    100 employees have applied for a position. Of those employees, there are 50 men and 50 women. Of those, 10 men and 5 women are hired. Does adverse impact exist? Show your calculations and explain why adverse impact exists or why not? Identify at least 4 external recruiting methods that you feel are effective and explain why.

    Analyzing Human Resource Staffing Strategy

    After reading Chapter Five, in Dreher, G. F. & Dougherty T. W., Human Resource Strategy: A Behavioral Perspective for the General Manager pp.100-119: o Categorize a firm you have worked with recently as a defender, prospector, or analyzer. o Discuss whether or not the staffing systems supported the strategy the firm utilized

    Trends in Training and Development

    Pick two trends that you think will influence training. Using two Library resources and two internet resources, write a four page paper summarizing this trend, and how you see the trend specifically influencing training and development. Using Microsoft Word, create your paper, and cite any sources. Used according to APA form