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Human Resources Management

ADA, Non-compete Agreements and Workplace Investigation

I need some help in conceptualizing these questions: 1.) How should employers deal with situations in which performance problems might be related to employees' disabilities? 2.) Who should conduct workplace investigations? What are the pros and cons of using internal versus external investigations? 3.) Should employers u

Employee Employment Handbook

I need some help conceptualizing these questions: 1.) Should employers issue employee handbooks? If so, how should handbooks be constructed? Disseminated to employees? 2.) What are some feasible alternatives to downsizing? If downsizing must occur, what criteria should be used to select those individuals who will be downsize

Recruiting and Adverse Impact

100 employees have applied for a position. Of those employees, there are 50 men and 50 women. Of those, 10 men and 5 women are hired. Does adverse impact exist? Show your calculations and explain why adverse impact exists or why not? Identify at least 4 external recruiting methods that you feel are effective and explain why.

Analyzing Human Resource Staffing Strategy

After reading Chapter Five, in Dreher, G. F. & Dougherty T. W., Human Resource Strategy: A Behavioral Perspective for the General Manager pp.100-119: o Categorize a firm you have worked with recently as a defender, prospector, or analyzer. o Discuss whether or not the staffing systems supported the strategy the firm utilized

Trends in Training and Development

Pick two trends that you think will influence training. Using two Library resources and two internet resources, write a four page paper summarizing this trend, and how you see the trend specifically influencing training and development. Using Microsoft Word, create your paper, and cite any sources. Used according to APA form

Case study: Project team issues

BetterU College is a fictitious, small liberal arts school that is located in Maryland. The HR Director has decided to propose the implementation of a computerized system for employee performance evaluations. Three of the staff of the HR department, Steven Hansen, Training Manager, Kelly Woo, HR Analyst, and Eric Adams, Compensa

Strategic Planning and Human Resources

I need some help with following questions and a few pages of information. Please include references and links so I may read what goes along with your information. Thank you for your help! Describe what strategic planning is and the associated steps in the planning process. How does HR planning fit into the overall strategic

Human Resources Management: Value Place on HR Functions

1) Some believe that an organization can be managed effectively without an HR function. Today, many small organizations do not have the capital for an HR function. If you were to describe the value of HR to someone who was interested, but did not have much time, what would you say? What is the value of HR in organizational lif

HRM Training Specialist

Create your own capstone project that you can study extensively that would turn you into an HR specialist. You've had extensive study in the field of HRM. (Imagine you are a student working towards a degree in HRM) 1) What is it that you would like to be able to claim to be "expert" at when you've completed your concentrati

Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining

I need help completing this project: 1) Do you believe employee elections regulated by the NLRB are successful? Why or why not? Please explain your answer. 2) Discuss the difference between an employer's support of and domination of a union. 3) Compare and contrast the factors that might contribute to employees' voting to d

Career Development Interview

Interview a relative or friend regarding their current development. The interview should: 1. Identify the current career development stage this person is in. 2. Identify a special career management challenge this person is facing. 3. Discuss how their current employer is helping them deal with this career management challenge

HRM: Training and Appraisal Methods

I need hep with these questions: 1) Choose a training program from your organization, and evaluate whether or not it supports key organizational objectives. Provide support for your answer 2) What are some performance appraisal methods in your organization? Do you believe they are effective across organizational structures


I need some help in these two questions: - What two factors do you think are the most important for an organization to consider in deciding whether to outsource its entire training function? - Would the considerations be different if the organization wanted to outsource only one training program? Explain your answer. Re

Using Technology as a Learning Tool

Technology and social media (LMS, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) are constantly changing, and it can be difficult for organizations to keep up and effectively use technology as a training tool. Choose one new piece of technology (within the last five years), and discuss the pros and cons of this technology as a learning tool. Give a s

Human Resource Equity and Fairness

It can be said that equal employment opportunity (EEO) is focused on ensuring that all employees are operating on a level playing field, while affirmative action (AA) is focused on creating an un-level playing field, thereby intentionally and proactively giving those employees that are members of underrepresented protective clas

Grooming and Personal Appearance

HRM 510 Business Employment Law Discussion Question: "Grooming and Appearance" 1.) (a.) Ladies how do you define "grooming"? (b.) What make this special to one company over another? (c.) How do you explain this as part of your recruitment process? Please note this is not an assignment, just a discussion question

Diversity, Employee Retention, and Best Pratices

1) What are some practices in place that aim for diversity and employee retention? Identify a best practice that might be implemented to improve those areas. Explain why and how your organization would benefit from it. 2) How is organizational behavior linked to organizational effectiveness? What might managers do to ensure o

Alcoholism, religious advocacy, and English only policies

1.) In light of the ADA, how should employers deal with employees afflicted by alcoholism? How should employers deal with religious advocacy or proselytizing by employees? 1.) Would you advise employers with multi-lingual workforces to adopt English-only rules? Under what circumstances?

Information Resource Management at Hydro-Québec

FILES ATTACHED Please read the Hydro-Quebec case: Dube, L., Bernier, C. and Roy, V. (2007) Information Resource Management At Hydro-Quebec. International Journal of Case Studies in Management. 5(2):September. HEC023. QUESTION Your answer to the following will be assessed: Describe the external factors and internal

Drug Testing, Grooming and Appearance

I need some help with these questions: 1.) Would you advise an employer that operates retail clothing stores to drug test? If so, under what circumstances? Using what procedures? What should be done regarding applicants or employees who test positive? 2.) Are workplace appearance and grooming policies necessary? If so, what

BUSS: Labor negotiations

IWithholding Information a. Identify ethical systems that may guide the parties to a negotiation. b. Examine the substantive fairness of the negotiation. c. Examine the procedural fairness of the negotiation. d. Differentiate between concealment behaviors in negotiations that are ethical and those that are unethical amo

Human Resources Planning and Training Development

Having specific goals will give you a better opportunity to set a plan in action for achieving organizational success. Do you think that a organization effectively integrates HRP in order to meet long-term goals and objectives? What are some benefits and challenges in HR Planning? As a member of management or a future member of

Human Resource Management and Communication

Based on your case study, discuss selection testing by focusing on the advantages and disadvantages of using testing and specific techniques for ensuring the reliability and validity of selection testing devices. - Describe HR support positions. Discuss the support positions you have proposed for the HR department. Pres

Human Resource Management in Recruitment

If there are two applicants for an HR director position, and they are equally qualified, how would you decide whom to hire? Discuss EEO/AA regulations and issues of "good fit" in the overall organizational structure. Additionally, comment on the possibility that two candidates will be equally qualified. I need help with these qu

Human Resources Organizational and Training Development Performance

1) What are your thoughts on employees not receiving performance reviews or appraisals? Do you think by not having the performance reviews this can affect an employee's actual performance because he or she is never given an opportunity to discuss their strengths and weaknesses? From an HR perspective, do you think that an employ