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Qualities of an Effective HR Professional

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Just looking for a few paragraphs to get a discussion going:

What are some qualities that an effective HR professional brings to the job?

What qualities might be more important for the compensation area than for other areas of HR?

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What are some qualities that an effective HR professional brings to the job?

Listening is very important, so a good listener is an excellent quality to have. Understanding the management, the workers, and the culture of the organization helps to determine the type of employees needed and how they will fit into the organization. It also helps to listen when deciding what to offer employees.

HR personnel must be willing researchers. Research is the best way to keep up with compensation standards and competition offerings. Knowing the market and seeing changes in the market and economy are also important. This is found through reading and researching.

Communication skills and the ability to work with all types of ...

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The essential traits an HR professional should have to be effective.

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