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Effective traits of an HR professional

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What kind of character traits do HR professionals need to be effective in their positions? What valid, reliable selection methods would help to identify these traits in prospective HR professionals? Determine the most efficacious selection methods for identifying success traits in HR professionals and defend your choice of these methods.

please include all references

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Character traits that an HR professional should possess to be effective are:

1. An HR Professional should possess traits that provide the organization with a focus on the required task. The HR professional should be able to possess knowledge that they learn and provide that knowledge to their staff. The HR professional should be able to hire the appropriate individuals who will be useful and reliable to the company.

2. An HR professional should treat each of their employees equally and with the same amount of respect provided to each. An HR professional should try and allow the employees to see them as a peer, even ...

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This solution provides an explanation of character traits required for an HR professional to be effective.

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